An Overview of the Health Benefits of Air Purifiers

Our homes and offices are open to a wide variety of harmful pollutants and dangerous chemicals. Poor ventilation in our homes, schools and workplaces can lead to pollutants drastically reducing our air quality, contributing to and exacerbating respiratory ailments including sinus infections, allergies and asthma. While it is true that you can improve the ventilation in your home simply by opening windows, when you do this you run the risk of a rapid influx of allergens like pollen and ragweed that may actually make matters worse. When you are suffering from chronic respiratory problems, you need to find a way that you can ventilate the air from within your home.

If anyone in your family smokes, or you have pets, it can really reduce the air quality in your home, increasing the frequency and severity of upper respiratory infections, allergies, ear infections and asthma symptoms. Because of poor ventilation, these pollutants become trapped in the home, making breathing problems even more severe. A great way to reduce the amount of pollutants floating freely around your home or office is. By improving your air quality and reducing your exposure to pollutants, chemicals and allergens, you are sure to see a drastic improvement in your upper respiratory health and overall quality of life.


Air purifiers offer a number of important health benefits to those who use them on a regular basis. Air purifiers have been found to reduce over 99% of the pollutants flowing freely in your home. By reducing the pollutants in the air and subsequently improving the overall air quality, you greatly decrease your family’s upper respiratory symptoms. Not only will you see an instant reduction in the frequency of allergy and asthma symptoms, but you and your family will suffer fewer sinus, ear and upper respiratory infections as well.

Air purifiers also help reduce the amount of toxicity in your home. Much of the toxicity in our lives comes from chemicals that contaminate the air that we breathe. Harmful chemicals from insect repellent, cleaning products, tobacco smoke and various types of aerosol sprays get trapped in our homes and become concentrated because of poor ventilation. When you reduce the toxicity in your home through the use of an air purifier, your health will improve in a number of ways. Not only will you see an instant boost in the functioning of your immune system, but kidney and liver function will improve as well, allowing your body to rid itself of any toxins that may be causing you chronic fatigue and other unexplained medical symptoms.