Kamikoto Knives are Good for Slicing

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Every chef knows that one of the most important tools in their arsenal is a high-quality knife. Ideally, it should be one that can perform just as well slicing a thick cut of meat or a few shavings of rosemary. Better blades are longer-lasting and won’t dull as easily.

Kamikoto knives have a reputation for being durable and precise. They have Japanese steel blades. Some of today’s leading chefs, including Slade Rushing of Brennan’s and Rupert Blease of Lord Stanley, trust Kamikoto knives in their kitchens.

The company pays tribute to the centuries-old art of Japanese knife making that has its heritage on the island of Honshu. Kamikoto bladesmiths have over 100 years of combined experience in forging, shaping, and polishing these blades. Kamikoto knives are made in Japan and China by bladesmiths that come from a long tradition of knife making. Like other Asian knives, Kamikoto knives are made from single-bevel steel.

Kamikoto’s specialty in knife making clearly shines through every knife they make. Reviewers have said that Kamikoto knives are worth the price. Every chef has different needs for their kitchens, but a quality knife is absolutely essential. Kamikoto knives are designed to impress and can be a beautiful display piece in any kitchen.

Japanese knife companies are known for more than incredibly thin blades. Kamikoto knives fit into this slot. They are thicker and heavier than what you might expect from a Japanese knife, but this heft is what adds to their beauty and prestige.

kamikoto kitchen knifeKamikoto has a few different knife sets. The bestselling Kanpeki three-piece set includes a 7-inch vegetable knife, a thick and hefty 8.5-inch knife for slicing, and a slender 5-inch utility knife, all made from Niigata steel. Because they are pre-sharpened, they are ready to use right out of the box.

The Kamikoto Santoku Chef knife is also popular. It is heavy but has good balance for cutting vegetables and other foods using a rocking motion. Some chefs may prefer to sharpen their blade occasionally to keep it performing well, but because the knife is sharp right out of the box, this is not entirely necessary.

kamikoto knivesThere has been a resurgance of interest in handmade products even as the world grows more and more digital. Kamikoto has clearly benefited from this interest. Kamikoto knives make their appearance on social media as chefs demonstrate how they are using the knives to prepare beautiful food.