The Santoku Knife by Kamikoto

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On opening the latch on the ash wood box you find a an eye-pleasing yet powerful tool for your kitchen and a carefully crafted work of art, the seven inch Santoku kitchen knife produced by Kamikoto.

As you take the knife from its case, you first notice its weight and balance. The non-slip handle fits well in your hand; the proper size for both control and safety. This is a solid tool that will live up to its name. Santoku means “three virtues,” referring to the knife’s excellence at three important tasks: chopping, dicing and mincing. As you prepare your food, you are amazed at how easily and delicately the sharp knife does its work, unaware that you are participating in a tradition that is centuries old.

Kamikoto is headquartered in Tokyo, Japan, producing handcrafted knives with techniques that go back eight centuries. They use only steel from Honshu, the largest island of Japan and the historic center of steelmaking and blacksmithing. Over the course of several years, the knives go through a nineteen step process that begins in the iron mines of the mountains of Chiba and Ibaraki and ends in your kitchen. At the heart of this process is an intense heating in the Kamikoto forge. The steel is heated to 1922 degrees F for two hours and then annealed at 392 degrees F for two hours. This process is responsible for the durability and strength of the Kamikoto knife.

The traditional Santoku kitchen knife has a single bevel blade. The bevel is the surface of the knife blade that has been ground down to an angle to form the cutting edge. The Santoku is only ground to an angle on one side; the other is left straight. The advantage of the single bevel is that it allows for greater sharpness than double-beveled knives. This is one reason that the Santoku is known for handling its three virtues with precision and grace.

The Santoku is just one of several knives that Kamikoto offers, knives that can handle many tasks in a serious chef’s kitchen. Kamikoto is dedicated to the continued beauty and functionality of their products. In addition to the cutlery, they market a professional whetstone to maintain the blades’ original sharpness. Kamikoto provides solid cutting boards in maple wood and ash wood as well as magnetic knife blocks for storage and display. All of these items are not only functional but are beautiful and carefully designed, as you would expect from a company with such attention to detail.

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