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Jekyll Island Beaches

Jekyll Island is the perfect place to go to for your budget beach holidays. With 10 miles of pristine beaches, Jekyll Island is the perfect scenario in which sunbathers and watersports enthusiast can spend an unforgettable time. Whether swimming or enrolling in other exciting water activities, the island's beaches are well known by their natural bounty.

Visitors can enjoy invigorating seashore jogs or take leisurely walks to appreciate nature, or begin a fun shell-collecting day. Along with visitors, many live creatures walk on the seashore, including sand dollars and hermit crabs.

However, while the local authority allows visitors to collect shells, they encourage all guests to preserve Jekyll's shoreline environment, leaving those creatures alone instead of trying to catch them. Near to all beaches, there are a large number of acres providing natural landscaping for both seashore and oceanfront accommodations.

Villas by the Sea is one of those oceanfront resorts windswept oaks, and offering nature trails and boardwalks leading through tropical greenery to the uncrowded beaches or its own L-shaped pool. Located on the historic district, this resort condominium is among the most distinguished Jekyll Island hotels, but there are many others.

Jekyll Island Beaches are also your ticket to a unique water attraction: the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, designed to be a year-round attraction, featuring special summer programs to which all visitors are invited to join even now, although the center will officially open in spring 2007.

Starting from May through August, and featured as under cover of darkness, a silent drama is played out on Jekyll Island's beach. Such drama is no other that female loggerhead sea turtles swimming ashore, making their way across the sand, and digging their nests to lay their eggs.

The loggerhead sea turtles (Caretta-caretta) are designated a threatened species by state and federal law. Loggerhead sea turtles have found a safe haven on this island; probably enjoy it as much as humans do. Turtles' nests are tucked among the dunes of Jekyll's clean and white beach.

This particular behavior seen from the loggerhead sea turtles have made Jekyll Island a major site for both education and conservation of the species. Georgia Sea Turtle Center's Summer Programs are designed to educate, but provide fun that visitors may claim to add a unique experience to their traveling memorabilia.

In addition, the center will feature other entertaining educational programs for young and old alike. Considered as a complementary attraction to Jekyll's beaches activities, the Georgia Sea Turtle Center is a live project since February 2006, located in the Historic Landmark District, on a site that originally was the Power Plant building in 1903.

The original building has been preserved as much as possible, incorporated into the new facilities to suit the needs of researchers, visitors, and turtles themselves, which are species recognized as the priority of the conservation worldwide, so protect the sea turtles and never disturb their nests.

If you love beaches, you will be totally embraced by the beauty of the Georgia Sea Turtle Center, which ambitious development costing $2 million in order to offer a state-of-the-art rehabilitation center for turtles, including a veterinary clinic, the first of its kind in Georgia.

Planned as an outstanding, museum-style learning experience to visitors, the center will be free to the public, with optional paid guided tours. To join this project or get further information about a visit prior the official opening, call the Turtle Project at (912) 635-2284.

Because the Georgia Department of Natural Resources has listed 5 different species of sea turtles that can be found in Georgia's coastal waters, there are other projects engaged with fun on the beaches but respecting the turtles and preserving their eggs.

Beaches with Turtle locations are plotted on nautical charts that can be obtained trough the Georgia Tracking Project by visiting this website:

Other no-turtle related fun at the Jekyll Island beaches is found at the Tidelands Nature Center, offering hands-on marine environmental science programs for school groups and the general public. At this facility, visitors can rent a canoe, take a guided kayak tour of Jekyll Creek, or simply relax paddling on Rixen pond

In addition, the Tidelands Nature Center give you the chance to meet alligators, hermit crabs, fish snakes, young sea turtles and other animals native to Georgia's coastal region. Moreover, you can learn more about the Jekyll's coastal ecosystems taking a beach, marsh or forest nature walks, and available all year-round. Just call at (912) 635-5032 or via email to

The Golden Isles of Georgia are considered the islands with the most pristine beaches in the southeastern United States, with dunes, and undisturbed woodlands, that still make Jekyll Island a desirable retread for swimming, sunbathing, beachcombing, jogging, biking, surfing, and fishing, under the Jekyll Island Foundation.

This foundation works with the Jekyll Island Authority since 2000, assisting with the conservation, education and preservation efforts of the Island, enhancing and protecting public interaction enjoyment.

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